Disaster & Crisis Preparedness

In these challenging and uncertain times, I’ll continue to support our Fire District to address Woodside's emergency, medical, and 911 needs. I will also continue to expand the Town's support of the chipper and defensible space programs. We will also continue to review and expand our Town's epidemic response capabilities. Sheriff staffing and neighborhood patrols should be maintained so residents can receive the help they need, anytime they need it. 


Woodside has one of the most unique natural landscapes of any Peninsula town or city. Woodside's rural character should be celebrated and protected. This includes improving our parks and extensive trail system, assisting our equestrian community, and promoting projects that protect our wildlife and preserve our natural environment. In the last year, I was proud to support the repair of our central trail bridge and the installation of town EV chargers, among other projects. 

Building &

Since my election, I have worked with the Town Council to streamline and improve the building and planning process. In the last year, the Town completed an ambitious rezoning of the Glens neighborhood providing much relief to those homeowners. I will next bring the rezoning process to the neighborhoods in the western hills in order to help residents build and improve their homes safely and efficiently and with fewer governmental burdens and expense.

Roads & Traffic

I’ll continue to support responsible development that doesn’t increase traffic or burden local services and fix our aging streets and potholes. Traffic and dangerous driving remain a concern for Woodside residents, particularly parents, and I will continue to work with our local sheriffs and CHP to ensure effective and equitable patrol of our roads. I will also investigate the use of smart technology to assist our Town with ever increasing numbers of vehicles on our roads.

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